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Aviation Capital

Aviation Capital

World Star Aviation has over 20 years of experience of driving strong returns to our investors through the sourcing, purchasing, management and ultimate sale of aircraft and engines as a distinct asset class.

We focus on providing customized asset management solutions to investors in aviation assets. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the aviation industry to achieve innovative solutions that meet our investors' risk/return profiles. We pride ourselves on working closely with airlines and investors to foster long-term partnerships that deliver superior investment returns.

Our ultimate mission is to provide industry leading aircraft leasing solutions both to our investors and our airline customers worldwide.

Aviation Capital


World Star Aviation works and combines with a wide range of equity co-investment partners each with their own discrete risk, return and tenor profiles.

World Star Aviation addresses each partner profile through investing at different points in the aviation lifecycle, from new, mid-life through mature assets and part outs, both aircraft as well as engines. In addition, World Star Aviation has also developed a strong presence in the cargo market and cargo conversion experience, building the third-largest lessor portfolio of freighter aircraft worldwide.

Strong Track Record

With a remarkable track record, World Star Aviation stands out amongst its peers as a proficient and highly competent platform with a demonstrable track record in delivering solid returns for our investors. We act as an independent investment/lease manager for various investor clients, each with its own discrete risk/return profile.

Full In-house

All areas of aircraft investment management are covered in-house: asset sourcing, investment structuring/financing, lease and technical asset management, aircraft and engines marketing, remarketing and ultimate disposal.

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